I have been in recruiting for sometime now. From the beginning, I have wanted to help people, but also be able to make a decent living. Getting in people’s head and figuring out what makes them tick was what excited me.

After working for a few years and understanding how this business works, I found that most people got into recruiting because they stumbled into it. They didn’t care about the client or candidates. They didn’t care about helping people. They didn’t care about building relationships. The “human” in HR had faded.

Last July, I decided to do something about it. I decided to speak up and help people more through my voice. I decided to write. Write to help candidates, employees, hiring managers and recruiters alike.

I want the candidates and employees to know what goes on behind the scene.

I want to bring empathy back to the hiring process. Empathy for all sides of the equation.

I am not always frustrated. I want to say this because a lot of people tell me to not be frustrated. It’s a way of expression, and hopefully instil some change.

Progress or change doesn’t come because people are happy. It comes because people are frustrated and angry. This is a safe space to ask questions and get them answered. To find out more about the human and non-human side of recruiting and hiring.